Life @LAMP

Meghnad Sahasrabhojanee
It all started in June 2011.
I had taken a big risk joining the LAMP Fellowship. Ours is only the second cohort of Legislative Assistants and I was apprehensive about it. Now, I can say that I took the right decision. I am glad I am a Legislative Assistant to a Member of Parliament because this Fellowship has taught me so many things that any other initiative would never have. A Member of Parliament has to concern himself with everything that goes on in the country. He has to keep himself updated to take better decisions. Here is where we LAMP Fellows come in. PRS Legislative Research has trained me to research on any topic under the sun and keep my MP updated.
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The LAMP Fellowship is a unique platform for bright young Indian citizens to have a high-impact engagement with the policy-making process at the national level.  

The Legislative Assistants to Members of Parliament (LAMP) Fellowship places one legislative assistant to work with one MP for a period of 11 months. The Fellowship exposes LAMP Fellows to the working of Parliament and the legislative process. The Fellowship encourages the best and the brightest young individuals to get involved in public service. 
The primary role of a LAMP Fellow is to provide customised research support to the assigned MP they work with for the entire duration of the Fellowship. This would entail providing research inputs to help them fulfill their parliamentary duties such as asking questions, raising matters of public importance, participating in debates, writing speeches, drafting private member Bills, among others. Know more ...